Thermco VTR 7000XE

The Ultimate Vertical Furnace Upgrade

Thermco introduces the ultimate in upgrades for existing SVG Thermco VTR 6000/7000 series of vertical furnaces. The VTR 7000XE uses the latest PC control, hardware and automation technology extending the life of VTR systems.

The VTR 7000XE product is a critical hardware and software upgrade to keep your system running smoothly and to remove obsolete control, automation and communication subsystems.

  • Increase the production lifetime, functionality and uptime VTR 6000 / 7000  systems with a fully supported VTR 7000XE upgrade
  • VTR 7000XE control system replaces the obsolete and unsupported control  systems within the VTR with state of the art processing technology
  • Modern compact TMX tube controller replaces the obsolete PCE system. This new control system gives the user greater flexibility and control over process parameters
  • Robotic interface via the VTR 7000XE GUI control, offering an enhanced user experience for both manufacturing and maintenance operations. The ACE controller is replaced with an advanced robotic controller connected to the VTR 7000XE control system via high speed TCP/IP connection
  • Uses Thermco’s stable PC interface with Windows based touch screen graphical user interface (GUI) to replace obsolete control systems
  • Advanced recipe management, data collection and charting.
  • SPC functionality gives the user the ability to monitor equipment performance , increases uptime, helps to tune maintenance cycle and improves equipment performance consistency

Touch screen GUI with system mimic diagram