Semiconductor Cleaning Systems

T-Clean draws on more than 30 years of expertise in the industry to provide the most advanced and efficient semiconductor cleaning systems. T-Clean is a leading supplier of etching and cleaning systems, with a focus on the semi-conductor and all of its associated industries. T-Clean holds a high level of expertise in all aspects of substrate automation, process solutions and fluid handling.

Semiconductor cleaning systems seamlessly integrate with our semiconductor wet bench products to provide you with an all-encompassing, functional and efficient system to help you provide your customers with a product you are confident to stand behind.


Solar Cleaning Systems

Alongside our semiconductor cleaning systems, T-Clean also offers comprehensive solar cleaning systems. About 30% of any Integrated Circuit manufacturing is composed of cleaning related processes. The end products reliability, performance and yield can be adversely affected by the presence of any particulate impurities in the water or chemicals used during the manufacturing process.


Chemical Delivery Modules

CE certified Chemical Delivery Modules produced by T-Clean are completely custom built to meet all of our customer’s exact requirements, and as such, offer cost effective solutions for applications that are required to be completely accurate, reliable and safe.

They have the added benefit of reducing chemical impurities, and in some cases, they can even be more cost effective by allowing the purchasing of chemicals in larger containers. These units may also help to avoid some of the various safety implications associated with the manual handling of containerised chemicals, regardless of container size.

Our chemical deliver modules (CDM’s) can be designed to work with single or multiple containers from 20 to 200 litres.



  • Leak detection standard
  • Drum Empty/Full detection standard
  • Chemical mixing/dosing options available
  • Pumped or non-pumped systems
  • Pumped waste to IBC systems
  • Full communications capability with Host
  • Solvent compatibility
  • Plumbing and installation service


Build Options:

  •  Stand alone
  •  HMI or switch/LED panels
  •  Remote status panels
  •  ATEX compliant (where required)
  •  Fire suppression system integration
  •  Drum transport trolleys
  •  Easy load roller beds



White polypropylene fully welded carcass over a steel chassis, with clear vision panels in interlocked doors.

The sump is designed to hold 110% of container volume and has an aspirated drain.

The optional built in roller loading beds can help reduce manual handling effort, a custom built trolley can also be provided, which allows the containers to be easily transferred into the CDM.