SPC (Statistical Process Control)

SPC is a software option available for the Thermco PC-MUX platform that provides advanced statistical analysis of collected process run data to enable users to track the performance of the process. There are several ways to look at data including trend charts, control charts and overlay charts as well as plotting alarm status in pareto format.

Trend charts look at specific data items and plot them across multiple runs to track changes in trend which can indicate process repeatability changes or a hardware problem.

Control charts allow you to set upper and lower control limits to parameters over multiple runs and either alarm or inhibit the next run if a run exceeds those limits.

Overlay charts allow you to set a process envelope for any given control parameter and then compare each run to that known good envelope. Again alarm and inhibit options are available.

Pareto charts show the frequency and distribution of any event alarms in the system.

SPC is a powerful tool for monitoring and predicting problems in the process over time.