Legacy tools

Thermco Legacy Systems

Thermco has delivered over 30,000 furnace tubes, some of these systems are no longer in use but there are still many thousands in operation world-wide. Many of these systems have been operating for a number of years and over time some components have inevitably become obsolete and at the same time we introduced improvements in safety, performance and functionality in our new equipment. In many cases it is possible to retrofit and upgrade older systems to improve reliability, safety and performance. Examples of this type of upgrade include:

  • Replacing Analock control systems with current temperature controllers
  • Providing EPO modules
  • Ensuring that gas systems are safe in use and in the event of a power failure
  • Ensuring systems use modern materials for heat insulation
  • Retrofit of TMXPC with latest PCMUX software and graphic user interface
  • Process conversions and upgrades