8000 series Furnace Systems (Production)

8000 series Furnace Systems

The 8000 furnace system has been designed specifically for the processing of 200mm wafers or 156*156mm substrates, each system is configured to meet the customers specific requirements.

  • The system has been packaged so that it has a maximum height of 3.1metres to fit into both existing as well as new facilities.
  • A special element option is available with an extended flat zone for maximum throughput when processing photovoltaic cells.
  • An high temperature element option is available for temperatures up to 1250C, giving the system capability for all standard semiconductor processes.
  • A complete, industry leading, automation package is available for cassette to cassette cell or wafer transfer including elevator transport of wafer longboats to the tube cantilever loader. This configuration is being used by leading companies in the photovoltaic industry.
  • The PCMUX control system has SECS I/II interfaces as standard and includes an LSCS software module providing a configurable interface into any factory MES system or third party automation.
  • The system is controlled by the industry leading TMX controller, with the latest PCMUX supervisor providing a full graphical user interface for set up, recipe writing, data collection and analysis.
  • For all Thermco furnaces there are a number of configurable options and enhancements available to meet specific customer requirements.