x60 compact series (R&D)

x60 bench-mounted furnace for R&D and low volume production

  • Systems are designed to have a flat zone of 10-12” for processing batches of up to 50 wafers.
  • Systems can be configured for 100, 150 or 200 mm wafers.
  • The x60 system has an integrated gas cabinet within the free-standing bench design.
  • PCMUX control system comes as standard with this model.
  • All major atmospheric and CVD processes are available in the system.
  • There is an integrated cantilever loader for particle-free loading that can be operated manually or motorised as an option.
  • Systems can be stacked in a two high configuration.
  • For all Thermco furnaces there are a number of configurable options and enhancements available to meet specific customer requirements.