PCMUX Retro-fit options

PCMUX can be installed as a retrofit into all previous versions of the TMX controller, including the TMX 9K, 10K, 12K and DMUX systems. Upgrading to the PCMUX brings a number of benefits including improved reliability, ease of maintenance and advanced features, while retaining the familiar recipe writing format and configuration tables familiar to TMX users.

The complete TMXPC system, including PCMUX, individual tube computers, SCR firing control and over temperature system can in many cases be fitted as an upgrade to furnace systems from other manufacturers, providing the functional benefits and reliability which Thermco customers take for granted.

PCMUX features include:

  • An industrial PC platform with Windows OS
  • RAID 5 disk array for data security
  • User friendly GUI with recipe and operating status displayed on a single screen
  • Advanced recipe editing features with the XRE editor
  • Batch data plot of collected data  and real time graph plotting.
  • Statistical Process Control option for advanced data analysis
  • Secure ‘remote user’ network option

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