External Torch and Water Bubblers

The oxidation process using oxygen alone has a slow growth rate and therefore is only suitable for thin oxidation films. To speed up the growth rate, water or steam can be introduced to the process tube. The two most common sources for water are bubblers and steam generators.

DI water bubbler:

The heated water bubbler can be used with either Oxygen or Nitrogen as a carrier gas. The carrier gas is bubbled through the water which has been pre-heated to around 90 degrees C. The Thermco system comes complete with quartz bubbler flask and heater unit.





External Torch steam generator

The purest way to generate water vapour or steam is by mixing Hydrogen and Oxygen at elevated temperatures to cause ignition and steam generation. To eliminate any temperature gradient in the process tube steam is generated in a separate steam generator unit known as an External Torch Steam Generator. The system comes complete with all safety interlocks for the following:

  • H2:O2 ratio interlock
  • Lo O2 interlock
  • High H2 interlock
  • UV flame detection interlock
  • Temperature interlock within the torch and the furnace