MEMS furnace processes

Thermco Systems – Specialists in MEMS furnace processes, MEMS furnace equipment and Low Stress CVD films for MEMS

Established in 1962 in Orange County, California, Thermco Systems have over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of leading edge diffusion furnaces and today, Thermco has the largest installed base of horizontal diffusion furnaces in the world.

From our UK headquarters in Sussex, we supply equipment to the traditional semiconductor market and have developed specialised product versions which have been embraced by companies in the MEMS, LED, photovoltaic and nano industries. For the MEMS industry, we specialise in MEMS furnace processes, MEMS furnace equipment and low stress CVD films for MEMs.

The particular challenges with MEMS furnace processes and MEMS furnace equipment are that the MEMS device films require excellent electrical and/or optical quality, low mechanical stress with high levels of uniformity and step coverage within typically very thickly deposited or grown films. Using Thermco standard recipes based on our years of experience, we can help you quickly and efficiently characterise your MEMS furnace processes.

Critical to most MEMS applications is quality of film, and this poses specific issues as the required films are typically much thicker than equivalent semiconductor applications. We are experts in low stress CVD films for MEMS and work closely with customers for specific applications. The following are our standard processes for MEMS:

  • Low stress Nitride
  • Oxy-Nitride / SIPOS
  • Polysilicon- doped and undoped
  • TEOS with highly uniform step coverage
  • Thick uniform oxide
  • Low temperature anneal

In addition to MEMS furnace processes and MEMS furnace equipment, Thermco Systems also offer a full range of service support, installation and modification. We can offer retro-fits and upgrades to many furnaces products as well as supporting the large installed base of Thermco Systems’ furnaces. We can update gas systems, control systems and automation from the simplest R&D furnace to complex production tools.