About Thermco
Thermco Systems & Tetreon Technologies

Tetreon Technologies Ltd was founded in November 2003 by Gerry Thurgood, former President and Managing Director of Tokyo Electron Europe, and previously Managing Director of Thermco Systems UK Ltd. With the company’s mission statement being to offer an alternative flexible and cost effective support organisation for the semiconductor industry.

In 2004 Tetreon purchased the Thermco horizontal diffusion furnace business and commenced manufacturing of Thermco horizontal furnaces. The Thermco brand was established in 1962, and with over 30,000 furnaces sold, Thermco is recognised as the world’s leading supplier of horizontal diffusion furnaces. Since taking over the Thermco business Tetreon has supplied equipment into Thermco’s traditional semiconductor market, and developed specialised product versions which have been embraced by companies in the MEMS, LED, photovoltaic and nano industries. The philosophy of flexibility embodied in Tetreon’s mission statement is clearly visible in Thermco’s development of industry specific solutions.

The synergy generated by the merging of the Tetreon service business and the Thermco manufacturing operations has created a flexible and dynamic equipment business with an increasing presence in all of the high growth electronics market sectors.