Tetreon announces the incorporation of T-Clean into the Thermco family.

In a strategic company expansion that has been dubbed as ‘Going Back to the Future’, T-Clean™ is returning to a time when Thermco Systems sold wet clean stations as a complimentary product alongside it’s furnaces. Tetreon is pleased to augment its established thermal technology line up with a new range of cleaning products again.

There is strong history of wet cleaning technology in the UK and the T-Clean team represents over 150 combined years of cleaning expertise in designing and building all aspects of wet cleaning solutions. Experience in wet bench, spin spray and single wafer platforms for the solar, semi, medical and other industrial markets ensures the team has the ability to match the correct solution to customers’ individual needs.

T-Clean™ offers a range of standard products for the semiconductor and related industries for all aspects of substrate cleaning and etching based primarily around immersion technology but can also be extended to single substrate processing. Typical applications include metal etching systems, where immersion allows the etching chemical to have a longer usable life and a wider range of surfactants compared to spray systems.

Industrial, medical and custom applications are served with a modular ‘tool kit ‘ approach where our experience in substrate automation, fluid handling, fume management, chemical mixing/control and tank design are used to produce a unique tool that is of industrial quality and reliability. We have experience of producing fully automated tools for etching ingots of up to 180Kg and solvent cleaning of industrial ink jet heads. Automation expertise can be drawn upon to make fully automated solutions for all industries and products allowing the customer to go from lab to HVM knowing the process remains stable.

More advanced processes available include:

Electroless metal deposition: where chemical management with reduced chemical usage, fume containment and tank design are critical.

Porous Si formation: which is an electrochemical etching process to make the surface of the silicon porous. Porous Si has some established application in the MEMs arena and some emerging applications in industrial and medical arena. T-Clean™ has the capability to build lab scale to HVM systems.

Our approach is to listen carefully to the customers requirements and develop the best solution for them with careful attention to build quality and safety compliance.

Design and all aspects of manufacturing are in house so that a close relationship is maintained between all groups ensuring the highest quality product.