UPDATE: Thermco now offer VTR7000 PC-MUX control system

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Updates the obsolete control system in a VTR7000 vertical furnace.
Extends the life of the tool and offers a modern PC based Graphical User Interface (GUI) Thermco TMXPC control system:

• Thermco PC-MUX integrated into the VTR7000 tool
• Touch screen control available
• Real time mimic diagram of system
• TMX tube controller integrated for gas and temperature control. (replaces the PCE)
• Robot control system interfaced to PC-MUX (replaces the ACE)

Thermco has proven retro-fit capability with other vertical furnaces using the popular PC-MUX user unterface.

Advanced data collection and Statistical Process Control (SPC) features bring the system up to the latest Thermco standards of data and recipe management.

Retrofit options:
Thermco Systems will audit your VTR7000 and offer a return to factory refurbishment or on-site retro-fit depending on configuration, model type and customer requirement. Contact us through your local Thermco agent or directly to Thermco UK for more information or a quotation.

GUI touch screen with data and log fle *

GUI touch screen with system mimic diagram *

Batch Sequence Control *