Thermco has characterised furnace applications such as CNT, DLC, Si Nano wires, Graphenes and other related processes for Nano technology in R&D and production systems. Standard or specialist pre-cursors can be used to allow for the growth of both doped and un-doped films.



Drawing on 45+ years of semiconductor development, Thermco has hardware and process solutions for all current semiconductor device technologies, including Bipolar, IGBT, MOS, Bi-CMOS, and MOSFET. And as the company with the largest world-wide installed base of horizontal diffusion furnaces, users are able to call on unrivalled levels of technical and parts support.



MEMS device films have their particular challenges, requiring excellent electrical and/or optical quality, low mechanical stress and high levels of uniformity and step coverage within typically very thickly deposited or grown films. Using Thermco standard recipes, based on our years of experience, we can help you quickly and efficiently characterise your MEMS process.



The Photovoltaic industry is driven by throughput and process. Thermco has developed a class leading fully automated hardware solution designed to run fully characterised processes specific to the PV industry including POCL3, BBR3, BCL3, CVD Nitride, wet and dry oxide and H2 anneal for both mono and multi-Silicon.



LED manufacturing technology is one of the fastest growing areas in the electronic fabrication industry. Thermco has designed equipment dedicated to the specific needs of LED manufacturing including low temperature anneals, load and unload of substrates in a controlled N2 atmosphere and annealing in an ultra high vacuum environment.



Drawing on more than 30 years of expertise,  T-Clean is a supplier of cleaning and etching systems, focusing on the semiconductor and associated industries. T-Clean has expertise in all aspects of fluid handling, substrate automation and process solutions.


Thermco Systems, Leading Edge Diffusion Furnaces

Thermco Systems was established in 1962 in Orange County, California and since that date the company has been manufacturing leading edge furnaces. Our equipment is used in the semiconductor, MEMS, Nano, LED and photovoltaic industries and today Thermco has the largest world-wide installed base of horizontal diffusion furnaces.At our UK headquarters in Sussex, close to Gatwick airport, we build equipment ranging from small R&D furnaces to high throughput furnaces for leading companies in the semiconductor and PV industries. The Thermco TMX and PCMUX control system, the latest generation of the TMX control system, is the acknowledged industry standard.Building on our product expertise we also offer application specific designs, refurbished and pre-owned equipment, automation solutions, and equipment commissioning and decommissioning services.